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    --- Leaves Turning Cowl - outside - close laughing 2 *CORRECTION* In the 2011 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, there is a typo on this pattern. The pattern reads “Rep Pattern Stitch Rnds 1-3 until piece measures approx 12” (30.5 cm) from cast-on edge, ending with a Rnd 3.” It SHOULD read “Rep Pattern Stitch Rnds 2-3…” * The free download of this pattern is correct, so just reference that if you are confused. :-) *
    --- Homespun Wrap Modeled by Amy - scarf/wrap 2 Just a Beanie Cream Knitted Ribbed Hat Close On the Side Red Reversible Scarf Outside Photo close

Free Pattern- Done by Halloween Harry Potter House Scarf

Here’s my next free pattern!

Yes, it’s very simple, but it’s a very fun, fast, mind-numbing project that can also help you with your Halloween costume in a pinch, if you start now!


It seems like every year when Halloween time rolls around, I wait until the last second to find a costume, and then I’m left scrambling to find something at the last minute.

So, for those of you who are like me, here is a pattern for a quick and easy Harry Potter scarf for you to knit up in the house colors of your choice.  Just run over to your nearest Hobby Lobby or Local Yarn Store, grab the correct colors, and you can have this scarf done in several weeks, or even a weekend if you’re really fast.!

It is knit entirely in seed stitch so that there is no right side or wrong side and so it will also lay flat.  Perfectly quick and easy!  Then, after Halloween, you can wear it all winter long to keep your neck cozy!

Have fun!


download now

Harry Potter Party Gryffindor Scarf and Luna Lovegood Earrings

Knitted Ravenclaw scarf acrylic folded

Knitted Gryffindor Scarf Closeup fringe

Knitted Ravenclaw scarf acrylic modeled by Cat

download now

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  1. […] yeah, I also made two more of my Harry Potter scarves (Rav link) over Christmastime, all while watching movies and such, one for an etsy sale, the other […]

  2. […] forget that as Halloween and cold weather approach, you can order a scarf from my etsy shop or download the free pattern here (or in the sidebar on the left) to make one for yourself really quickly before […]

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