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Free Pattern- Just a Beanie

Just A Beanie
by Abby Tohline

Simple Ribbed Beanie Hat

I decided one day I wanted to make a hat for my dad and for my brother. Both of these dear men in my life are very simple guys. They don’t like frills and usually don’t wear hats at all, but I figured everyone needs a good hat when they live in a cold climate, or at least a climate that gets cold from time to time. So, I set out to make a very simple, plain hat that both of these guys would actually be willing to wear.

A simple ribbed pattern is a good way to have visual interest while still being easy and not considered “frilly” by my male family members. This also helps the hat to hold snugly to the head. I decided to also add a section to fold up on the bottom in order to have a little more to the plain pattern, and as my dad said, to have extra warmth over the ears. I also knit at a small gauge in order to create a very tightly knit, warm hat.

My dad and brother both loved these hats, so I hope that the people in your life, men or women, who just want a simple hat, will love this hat, too.

download now

Also, find me on ravelry.com. My user name is artohline and my designer name is Abby Tohline.

5 Responses

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  3. I don’t understand how to start the decreases! argh. =( I can move the marker over, but that doesn’t move the yarn. I am skipping two stitches that way. Help?! CraftyTxgrrl on Ravelry. TY!

  4. this is PERFECT. exactly the kind of beanie i wanted to make. now to find tapestry kneedles in korea…XD

  5. If you are having trouble finding a tapestry needle, you could always use a small crochet hook to weave in ends instead!

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