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    (Paypal) (Paypal) (Paypal) . . . . . FREE PATTERNS: Click on the picture of the knitted item to download the free PDF for the pattern or click on the ravelry icon to go to the ravelry page for that pattern: Shannon Fingerless Gloves modeled by Amy - orange flower 2 Knitted Ravenclaw scarf acrylic modeled by Cat
    --- Leaves Turning Cowl - outside - close laughing 2 *CORRECTION* In the 2011 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar, there is a typo on this pattern. The pattern reads “Rep Pattern Stitch Rnds 1-3 until piece measures approx 12” (30.5 cm) from cast-on edge, ending with a Rnd 3.” It SHOULD read “Rep Pattern Stitch Rnds 2-3…” * The free download of this pattern is correct, so just reference that if you are confused. :-) *
    --- Homespun Wrap Modeled by Amy - scarf/wrap 2 Just a Beanie Cream Knitted Ribbed Hat Close On the Side Red Reversible Scarf Outside Photo close

Thankful 2: Home and Roomie

I’m thankful for a lovely roof over my head and an amazing and supportive roommate.


Thankful 1: Evening

I’m thankful for beautiful evenings such as this.


No posts!!

So, as you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted much recently! Some of that is because of work, some because of the holiday season, but mostly is because I’ve been doing a lot of secret knitting that I can’t post.😦

But hey, maybe I’ll start posting some of what I can post, and maybe a few teaser pics of things you won’t be able to see until later.  I’m having really great knitting mojo right now and I’m super excited about everything on the needles, so I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it in!  Hope everyone is doing well and having a marvelous and beautiful autumn!


Smile, it’s Friday!

Be a superhero today and spread some smiles!


New Age Drinks?


This just struck me funny.  In the grocery store the other day, I saw that the aisle I was in was titled “New Age Drinks.”  What exactly does this mean?  Apparently they mean teas and drinks like “Fuze,” because that was what was in the aisle.  Not the terminology I’d use, but ok.:-)

29 Ways to be Creative



This video just makes me happy.  Watch and be inspired!  Go be creative!!



I found this in the hallway today at work.  Um…?  Chair cemetery in a main walkway?  Very odd, but funny!



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